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Wendy is an excellent trainer. Without her help I would not have progressed as much as I have. She really takes care of her clients and makes sure that she meets all the special needs that they have. I would be lost in the gym without her!

Cara Llewellyn, Montague

Cara has had the determination to lose more than 50 pounds -- after a workplace accident left her in chronic pain. A beautiful woman and an inspiration to me!


Mayor Pat McGowan expects to be heading back to town hall today -- despite breaking her l eg nine days ago -- thanks to a fitness routine that prevented even more damage in her recent fall.
"The doctor told me it was a good thing I did my workouts because the surgery was less invasive and he said I'd bounce back a lot quicker. Since my knee replacement, I was told...to get into a fitness routine and I'm glad I did. I've been working out at the gym to keep myself active and I'm sure thankful to Wendy Chappell...I would be spending months in a bed had it not been for the exercise."

From The Guardian (April 25, 2007 edition)

Faith can move mountains, and so can Pat! Her strong sense of personal power and responsibility makes her an inspiring role model in my life!


I have been training with Wendy for close to three years now. She is just great. She caters to each individual’s needs. Firm when she has to be, gentle when needed. It’s so important to have proper exercise and diet. Since exercising regularly, I have more energy, less stress, and hardly get sick at all with things like the common cold or flu. With Wendy, the sky is the limit.

Mandy Li, Montague

Mandy will soon be testing for her black belt in TaeKwonDo -- she is a courageous warrior woman with an expansive heart!


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