Personal Training

Designing and Implementing Optimal Lifestyle Solutions

A Personal Trainer puts an expert on your side.

Personal Training, on an individual and small group basis, provides the edge you need to meet your fitness goals. Unlike group exercise classes, Personal Training is tailored to your needs, your goals, your lifestyle. Through an initial consultation and continuous monitoring and feedback, a Personal Trainer is all about YOU.

A Personal Trainer is someone who can evaluate your physical activity level and nutritional intake and provide a safe and effective exercise plan based on your needs, abilities and goals. She can monitor you during exercise and rest, ensuring your heart rate is within safe but effective limits. She can develop an exercise plan specific to your level of ability and then progress you to more advanced training techniques once you have achieved the proper competency. A Personal Tainer has the skills and knowledge to modify your exercises in order to meet your optimal biomechanical effectiveness. This means no exercise-related injuries, no call for "one size fits all" exercises or activities, no need to compete with others, and the relief and self esteem that comes from being encouraged to look inward for your motivation, rather than relying on a group class instructor!

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

Personal Training gives you the opportunity to learn effective cardiovascular recipes. Do you want to burn calories and decrease stored fat on your body? Do you want to become a faster runner? Do you want to increase your heart health and decrease the need for blood pressure medication? A Personal Trainer is there to help you meet your goals.

Personal Training allows you to learn proper form when using resistance in your fitness training and provides the correct exercise prescription for you. Do you want to lose weight and increase your muscle tone? Do you need to strengthen particular muscles/muscle groups following an injury? Are you wanting to build muscle mass? Are you preparing for a particular athletic event? A Personal Trainer will ensure that your workout is optimal to your specific goals.

Personal Training is an investment in your health and personal well being. As such, it is an affordable option for getting on or staying on track with a healthy lifestyle. Personalized training packages and small group rates are available, making Personal Training even more viable. Exercise programs are designed to work with your lifestyle and appointments are set at a time of day convenient for you. A complementary consultation allows you to explore the endless benefits awaiting Wendy today to find out how a Personal Training package will help you be your best you!!





Benefits of Strength Training

  • increase muscular strength & endurance
  • live with optimal energy & stamina
  • correct postural imbalances
  • create muscular symmetry
  • increase basal metabolic rate -- be an efficient calorie burner
  • lose weight; maintain desired weight level
  • promote joint stability & support connective tissue
  • lower risk of heart disease & osteoporosis
  • reduce stress
  • enhance sport performance
  • increase tendon and ligament strength
  • increase mental focus & clarity
  • improve body image & self esteem
  • facilitate functional fitness & activities of daily living
  • reduce depression & anxiety
  • enhance restorative sleep patterns

Each pound of muscle on your body burns 75 - 100 calories a day simply by being.
Each pound of fat on your body stores 3500 calories.

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